family / facet picture

Pyramid : Head

Number of perfume : 166

Numbers of raw materials : 1

Facet New Freshness


This facet is built around a harmony of citrus with an additional fresh molecule, more persistent and longer lasting than natural citrus fruit. Originally this molecule was used in detergents and cleaning products. It was elevated to the world of perfume by the perfumer Pierre Bourdon for a Fougere called Cool Water by DAVIDOFF. It is often associated with the citrus notes of masculine toilet waters and its getting more and more popular.

Raw materials
CK one SummerFerrari PassionPOP homme
Polo BlackZ ZegnaEssentiel
TransatOriginal SantalAqua
HoggarBaldessarini Del MarDunhill Fresh
Romance Men SilverFCUK HimHugo Energise
HummerSilver BlackApparition Homme
StarwalkerStripeDKNY Be Delicious H
Quercus cologneAltikäAmor pour Homme
AttitudeBoss selectionBright Visit
ChevignonChopard pour hommeClick
Emotion pour luiEternity ManEuphoria Men
Hot Tension Electric SpiceInstinctJetlag
L'eau par Kenzo Love d'eauL'HommeOval
Safari H pour hommeVuarnet 1960Fahrenheit 32
Hechter ParisHot PlayNoir
Pure LightnessRévélation EnergyVery Irresistible Fresh Attitude
VetyverVivaraInstinct Cool
Chrome LegendCockpitAqua Marine
Eternity summer for menCkone summerCalvin Klein Man
Diesel Cologne Fuel for LifeThe One for menMoon Sparkle for men
Ferre Acqua AzzurraVery Irresistible for men fresh attitude summBoss Pure
JS Black editionJS Blue EditionOxbow for men
Polo ExplorerForzaVersace pour homme
Diamonds for menDior Homme SportGucci by Gucci pour Homme
Kapsule LightThe EssenceCool Water
EchoEternity for menCK One
ChromeVery ValentinoBoss Bottled
Eau du TsarEmporio HeGood Life
ImageLe Roy Soleil hommeRocabar
Andy WarholParadox for menRykiel homme
TedYangBody Kouros
Signature pour luiV/S ManDesire
OxygèneCerruti Image womenCristobal pour homme
Man.AubussonIKKSPapa Cool
Pure LavenderCraveLacoste pour homme
Versace Jeans Couture ManYoung Man212 H2O Homme
Higher EnergyIntuition For MenFor Man
Givenchy Blue LabelAllure Homme SportRévélation
Fire ExtremePure For MenM2M
ForceBurberry Sport for MenA Men Pure Malt
Chrome SportCome 2 meAventus
Le Mâle TerribleOnly The BraveOolang infini
L'Homme Cologne GingembreAqua ToniqAzzaro Duo Men
Style pour lui13 Musc Pamplemousse51 Sauge Fève Tonka
85 Santal Mandarine86 Pomme Santal50 Cèdre Bergamote
20 Musc AnanasLegendAcqua Attiva Assoluta
Champion EnergyCK Free BlueF by Ferragamo Free Time
Moschino ForeverGucci Guilty pour hommeL.12.12 Rouge
L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme SportCK One SummerBoss Bottled Sport
The One SportPlay SportAzzaro pour Homme L'Eau
Allure Homme Sport Eau ExtrêmeAquaQuicksilver pour Homme
Habit Rouge SportEau Particulière120 Citron Patchouli
Acqua Di Gio EssenzaKokorico By NightEncounter
Legend Spécial Edition 2012Le Beau MâleBoss Bottled Night
Guess Seductive Homme BlueL.12.12 NoirChrome United
Play Intense